The Spectacular

Doctor Lovell is a busy primary care doctor in New Burgundy. He cares for large numbers of extremely ill patients with very demanding needs. In addition to this, he must figure out how to handle frivolous lawsuits, unscrupulous doctors, incompetent hospital administrators, irresponsible hospitals, self-serving managed care health plans, and crooked nursing homes. In the middle of all this, he somehow becomes entangled with a clandestine organization trying to stop an international terrorist plot from overthrowing the country. Making matters worse is an eccentric family member named Papa, who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

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Dr. Rapunzel

Dr. Rapunzel was born and raised in a prominent suburb, just outside of a prominent southern city. He attended and graduated from a well-known local high school. He graduated from an accredited local university. He had an above average academic record and went to college on a full academic scholarship. He went to a local medical school and graduated in the early 1990’s. Subsequently he completed a Family Practice residency in 1994 and has been practicing at a an urban large city hospital for the last 28 years at the time of the writing of this manuscript.

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The Korsakoff Disasters

I am Doctor Marcus Lovell, Board Certified in Family Practice. Lately I have become more of a geriatrician and worked for a long-term hospital which takes care of the sickest of the sick patients. Lately I can’t help but notice the increasing frequency of new admissions from the Korsakov conglomerate of hospitals, a huge sprawling network of 151 hospitals under one corporate organization. It had become the largest collection of hospitals owned by a private entity in the country. Lately nearly all of my patients coming into the long-term facility came from Korsakoff, and this was after they had filled up their own long-term hospital, so we were getting the overflow.


Readers' Reviews & Feedback

Here’s what people are saying after reading the book.

  • K R

    Kellie R

    This book is a must read for anyone in the healthcare profession. It also will be especially enticing to anyone with family members in a healthcare facility or hospital. Anyone who has been hospitalized with an illness or has family members in a nursing or other long-term medical care facility will fin this highly entertaining. Medical knowledge is helpful, but the average reader, with no medical knowledge, can still easily relate to the contents of this book. Action, suspense, comedy, this one has it all. 4.5/5 stars.

  • L C

    Lisa C

    This revolutionary novel opens a whole new genre of fictional storytelling. It contains some medical terminology, but can be easily understood by the average reader. It has action, suspense, heartwarming stories, involving medical care, is a suspenseful thriller but will still leave you laughing. A must read. Welcome to the brand new of medical fiction. I give this book a five out of five rating


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